Timber Frame log home is a reliable choice.

We have over 25 years of expertise and Export has been the core of our operations right from the beginning.

We are committed to sustainable work and the principle of continuous development.

Reliability is all for us. We are renowned for holding to schedules, right from the beginning of the manufacturing to the exact deliveries to the building site.

We are governed by the ISO 9001Quality Management System for internal operations, the general quality requirements for log homes, SFS 4895 (RT 14-10436 ), as well as the requirements for basic log-home design, RT 82-10415.

Environment is always in our hearts.

We purchase most of our durable, densely fibrous timber raw materials from our locl suppliers. The Finnish Forest Certification Council has granted all our suppliers the right to use the PEFC label as proof they promote sustainable forest management.

All the waste originated from the log manufacturing is converted into natural energy, which is used in the wood drying process.