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Passive log house deliveries

The houses are designed to meet the demands of the clients, the plot and the environment.

Timber Frame offers a couple of models ideal for urban environments, but you are also welcome, even encouraged, to present us your own architectural plans or drawing sketches for your dream house.

Our professional builders are available and ready to help you, when needed. Thanks to its simple structure and minimal need for internal finishing, the houses are well suitable for DIY-builders too.



Basic delivery for a passive log house includes all materials for outer and internal walls, roof, intermediate floor and base floor from the upper surface of the base slab upwards (excluding floor coatings). Also included are finished outer doors and windows with fittings and finished interior doors and inner stairs with handrails.

Changes to the delivery content are possible according to the wishes of the customer regarding insulating materials, roofing and interior surface materials.  Price changes are calculated on an individual basis.

The customer will be responsible for the plot expenses as well as costs for foundations, main design, HVAC plans and technology, machinery and equipment in the kitchen and wet rooms, interior finishing and outer paint finish.

The basic delivery includes structures as specified:

1. Outer walls

Construction from inside:

– vertical T&G logs 93 x 220 mm and horizontal beam 93 x 270 mm on top, acc. to drawings

– air-/vapour barrier ”Intello” + joint tape ”Tescon no 1”

– thermal insulation, mineral wool Paroc eXtra 300 mm (for deliveries in Finland only)

– windbreak 25 mm

– timber frame 30 x 300 mm K 900

– ventilation battens 22 x 100 mm K 900

– external cladding 28 x 170 mm T&G panels, base painted acc. to customer’s choice

2. Floor (on concrete slab)

Construction from top:

– floor coating acc. to customer’s choice (option)

– OSB-board or rough T&G boards 20-22 mm

– floor joists 45 x 95 mm K 600 + thermal insulation Paroc eXtra (for deliveries in Finland only)

– boards for levelling the basement  22 x 100 mm K 1200

3. Intermediate floor

Construction from top:

– floor coating acc. to customer’s choice (option)

– load-bearing solid wood, dimensions acc. to structural plans

– frame for suspended ceiling 2 x 45 x 45 mm K 600, random length

– 12 x 110 mm T&G panels for ceiling, MDF, white

4. Roof and ceiling

Construction from top:

– galvanized steel roofing, ”Rautaruukki Classic” (for deliveries in Finland only)

– battens under roofing, random length

– ventilation battens 50 x 100 mm K 900

– underlayment ”Solitex” –fabric + ”Tescon no 1” tape

– thermal insulation Paroc eXtra, 600 mm (for deliveries in Finland only) and necessary pre-fabricated frame construction  K 900

– air-/vapour barrier ”Intello” + joint tape ”Tescon no 1”

– load-bearing solid wood

– suspended ceiling with 12 x 110 mm  T&G panels, MDF, white

– fascia and soffit boards for eaves, base painted

5. Partition walls and interior load-bearing structures

Usual construction:

– vertical T&G logs 93 x 220 mm

– posts and beams of lamellate timber, acc. to the frame plan

6. Complementary materials

6.1 Windows

SKAALA  Skandia Alfa 210 (U-value 0,76)

or fixed Skandia Alfa ULEK

6.2 Balcony and terrace doors

SKAALA Skandia IO 57 KS Alfa (U-value 0,58)

6.3 Main door

SKAALA Skandia UO 103 S Alfa (U-value 0,54) + side window OKL 1 F Alfa

6.4 Interior doors

Matti-Ovi, white massive door

6.5 Stairs

Lappiporras,  lacquered pine stairs with necessary railings

7. Plans

Main drawings (floor plans, facades, section drawings) and structural plans are included in the delivery

8. Transport

Transport costs for deliveries in Finland are included. For other countries the costs are defined acc. to the place of delivery. Unloading is to be arranged by the customer.