We manufacture log houses in all shapes and sizes and for many uses: detached houses, holiday homes, restaurants, hotels..

All the log houses we manufacture are unique, based on the individual wishes and requirements of our clients

Our manufacturing is based not only on the latest CAD-CAM technology, but also on renowned woodworking traditions.

In addition to the log constructions our log house deliveries usually include all the other structural wooden parts, interior lining and carpentry products (windows, doors and stairs).

Benefits of all log houses

Logs retain humidity and heat and give them out slowly and evenly making the indoor air pleasant and healthy. Solid wood gives a house a soul.

The surface temperature of wood is higher than that of harder materials, which gives the feeling, that the rooms are warmer than they actually are.  Therefore you can maintain an indoor temperature a couple of degrees lower than usual.

Log houses fit well in natural landscapes, and thanks to the availability of modern solutions, the houses can also be part of the urban residential areas.

Log houses are ecological due to their wooden construction. Also the use of non-renewable natural resources is minimal.

ProLog® CLT-log houses


Combining the benefits of traditional logs and Cross Laminated Timber- techinque, ProLog® is a durable, stable and aesthetic top product for modern log constructions.


Benefits of ® ProLog CLT-log houses


Thanks to the crosslaminated structure, a ProLog®-house does not settle as a traditional log house does during the first years. This means less maintenance later on.

ProLog® gives more architectural freedom for modern designs, suitable also for urban environments and public buildings like schools, nurseries and senior houses. 




Benefits of traditional log houses:

After the erection of the log frame, a log house is nearly finished outside and inside.

Log house structures are very secure and known to remain healthy for centuries.

Careful architecture, renewable heat sources, modern HEPAC systems, and ideal positioning of the house make a traditional log house a perfect choice.

A log house has an extremely small carbon footprint and it is easy and quick to erect.