The outlook and often also the structural solutions of our log homes are individual, based on our customer’s wishes, but are also subject to local and national requirements and regulations.

Log house - External walls

ProLog lyhytnurkka

ProLog® CLT-log wall

Non-settling massive wooden wall construction, that is well suited for modern and diverse architecture. Creates new, ecological solutions also for public building.

Square log wall

Square log wall is suitable for many kinds of buildings. In a house designed for permanent living, the log wall must be at least 204 mm in thickness. That way no extra insulation is needed but compliance with energy regulations must be taken into account in the design.

Sisäpuolelta eristetty hirsiseinä

Log wall with internal insulation

When used in houses intended for winter time living, special attention must be paid to sufficient insulation thickness and the ventilation space between the insulation and logs.


Round log wall

The round log wall can be used in a similar manner to the square log. An extra-tight corner solution with a special structure is available for larger round logs from 230 mm diameter.